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Largest Plymouth Venture Partners I Fund Investee Announces its Sale

ANN ARBOR, MI— After close of business yesterday, Plymouth Venture Partners I’s (PVP I) largest investee, Accuri Cytometers, announced its purchase by Becton-Dickinson. PVP I invested over $2.5 million in Accuri. This will be a substantial, positive exit for PVP I.

Late in 2004, PVP I agreed to lead the Series A round for Accuri after meeting with its CEO and key sponsors from the University of Michigan. Plymouth Ventures and its investors participated actively in Accuri’s evolution from a concept to a startup to a real business. The company has succeeded in opening up a whole new scientific market for flow cytometry and has begun to make its clinical possibilities practical.

Plymouth Ventures‘ CEO Mark Horne stated, “Plymouth Management Company is proud of Accuri’s contribution in the medical field and its evolution from a start-up company to a valuable business. We look forward to seeing its continued success under Becton-Dickinson.”

About Plymouth Management Company

Plymouth Ventures manages two venture capital partnerships: Plymouth Venture Partners I and Plymouth Venture Partners II. Plymouth Venture Partners I made a total of 29 investments from 2003-2008 and is fully invested. Plymouth Venture Partners II is complete its second close at the end of 2010, and has begun making investments.

The firm’s focus is on financing the next stage of growth of Michigan, Ohio and other Great Lakes area companies.

The firm’s partners are:

Mark Horne, Managing Partner
Ian Bund, Chairman
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Bob Savage, Jr., Senior Vice President
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