Plymouth Ventures follows a disciplined venture capital investment process, with particular attention to providing valuable services to potential investees including an unconventional combination of focus on speed, depth of due diligence, value-added input to management, and term sheet development that effectively mitigates downside risk while maximizing the potential for extra ordinary returns.

A typical investment that comes into the Plymouth Ventures process may come to term sheet negotiation within two to four weeks of the deal being sourced. Due diligence may be complete four to five weeks thereafter, with closing after legal due diligence within two months of initial contact. This efficiency allows the team to effectively consider a number of potentially lucrative investments simultaneously – typically, Plymouth Ventures has 1-3 deals under due diligence at any one time during the year.

  1. Deal Sourcing
    Attorneys – Bankers – Investment Bankers – Venture Capital Firms
  2. Review and Preliminary Fit
    Business Plan Evaluation – Managment Evaluation – Preliminary Meetings
  3. Term Sheet Development
    Risk Mitigation – Entrepreneur Fulfillment
  4. Due Diligence
    Site Visits – Management Interviews – Customer Interviews
  5. Closing
    Legal Documentation
  6. Investment Monitoring
    Board Participation – Troubleshooting
  7. Exit
    Full Acquisition – Partial Acquisition

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