Established in 2003, Solulink is a rising new player in the delivery of high-performance bioconjugation chemistries addressing the biotechnology industry’s longstanding need for conjugation chemistry with milder reaction conditions, higher efficiencies, and greater stability and technical simplicity. The Company’s proprietary HyNic/4FB chemistry is unique among bioconjugation methods in combining superb stability with high specificity and versatility, suitable for conjugation of all classes of biomolecules, including peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, and carbohydrates, with all types of labels, including fluorophores, chromogenic moieties, surfaces, and small molecules. HyNic/4FB chemistry underlies the majority of Solulink’s extensive product catalog, comprised of various kits and tools that enable efficient and stable antibody, bead, and oligonucleotide labeling. The Company maintains a growing customer base which today exceeds 1,400 active accounts, including OEM and supply agreements with leading biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and prestigious research institutes worldwide.