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Above the Treeline

Above the Treeline provides web-based analytical and workflow tools to help publishing professionals and their business customers work better, read more. The company’s Edelweiss service has been rapidly adopted within the publishing community as its primary product discovery and B2B purchasing platform. Edelweiss helps publishers improve catalog accuracy, reduce catalog costs, and optimize their sales and marketing efforts.  Today, Edelweiss is the place to find, learn about and order millions of titles, and download advanced review copies for industry professionals. Over seven million titles from over eight thousand imprints are represented in Edelweiss, including the largest US trade publishers, independent US publishers, and a growing number of foreign-language publishers from Treeline’s expanding international presence.


Kinney Group

The Kinney Group designs, structures, implements and manages next generation data centers with a focus on security, IT operations analytics, and process automation. It is essentially a technical and managed services provider that designs and builds IT infrastructure, making it also high-value added reseller of VMWare, Splunk, Cisco, APPDynamics, Saltstack, and others.

The Kinney Group is at the forefront of a number of technology “waves”:

  1. Cloud Computing, Security, and the intersection of cloud and security
  2. Operational Analytics & Internet of Things
  3. Virtual Desktop
  4. IT Automation

3T Medical Systems

3T Medical Systems  is a medical products business based in Livonia, Michigan. 3T’s products are primarily focused on the needs of clinical specialists (perfusionists) who operate the heart-lung machine and deliver fluids during operating room procedures.

3T Medical Systems owns and distributes innovative medical consumables to hospitals, specialized clinics, extended care facilities, and large manufacturers. Most of 3T’s products are single patient use (SPU) disposables in four categories:

  • Laryngoscopes
  • Suture Guides and Tubing Organizers
  • Autologous Biologics
  • Cerebral Oximetry


Quikly’s digital marketing platform empowers marketers ability to capture attention from prospects and customers and achieve superior ROI. Using elements of consumer psychology, our solutions help deliver highly effective and repeatable results across nearly every marketing initiative.

Wellspring Worldwide

Wellspring is the leader in enterprise software solutions for managing research and innovation processes. Its purpose-built products allow Wellspring’s customers – including technology transfer offices, institutional research centers and corporations – to better track, manage and utilize their Knowledge Assets. The company works with more than 500 organizations worldwide, ranging in size from 100 to more than 100,000 employees, and enables clients of all sizes to accelerate their innovation programs. Wellspring is based in Chicago, IL.


Based in Ann Arbor, Nutshell, Inc. is a cloud-based CRM software platform created specifically for the small to medium-sized business market. Nutshell helps its customers grow by providing a CRM that is elegantly designed and easy to use. It is fully integrated with Google Apps, Microsoft Office, Zendesk, MailChimp and many other core business solutions. Nutshell believes in designing software to be cross-platform from day one, with Robust APIs and native mobile applications.  Start your free trial today by visiting or follow us on twitter @Nutshell.


Founded in 2010, CloudOne is the Indianapolis-based leader in bringing software to the cloud and providing it as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). CloudOne’s platform provides managed services and can turn its customer’s software environment into an on-demand SaaS offering, provided through Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) connected directly into their own networks. CloudOne’s customers retain their own data, customizations, upgrade cycles, and security standards, while gaining the benefits of SaaS licensing, dynamic cloud infrastructure, and built-in managed services skills.

InContext Solutions

InContext Solutions is a Chicago-based, technology-driven market research firm specializing in “virtual simulation”. By combining the power of sophisticated 3D simulations with the speed and flexibility of the web, they have created a uniquely scalable virtual store research technology that provides clients with actionable insights for a quarter of the cost and one-third of the time of traditional methods. InContext’s client list consists of various Fortune 500 consumer goods corporations. The company’s superior 3D technology along with its ability to be used by survey participants across the globe through its on-line capability is what separates it from its clients, who typically can provide one or the other of these attributes, but not both.

Certified Security Solutions

CSS is an information security company, specializing in Identity and Access Management solutions. The company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, has operations throughout North America. A Microsoft Gold Partner, CSS provides enterprise ready software, managed security services, Security as a Service (SaaS), and consulting services. CSS’ security solutions allow clients to secure and operate in cloud computing platforms, “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) initiatives, and the emerging market of the “Internet of Things”.

Implants International

Implants International is a distributor of orthopedic implants for the arthroplasty, trauma and spinal implant sectors in North America.

Implants International was exited in November 2009.